It's not often you get to create clothes for a bona fide Hollywood star, but that's something we're proud to announce that we can now check off our bucket list! Dame Joan Collins - star of Dynasty and The Bravados among goodness knows how many other films and TV programmes - is performing her one-woman show, Unscripted, in Northampton tonight, and the My Printed Clothing team have just delivered an order of these fab custom T-shirts especially for the occasion.

Thanks to Dame Joan and her team for the order, and we hope that everything goes swimmingly for the show tonight! Don't worry if you can't make it to Northampton in the next few hours, because the Unscripted tour will take Joan to twelve other UK locations between now and early October; click here for a full list of tour dates, or visit our Custom T-Shirts page to order some custom-printed clothing of your very own.

Last month, we shared 5 of the funniest printed T-shirts we've seen on the internet. This list included such classics as I'm Not Short, I'm Fun-Size! and ANBG - That's Bang Out Of Order, and we're sure they had you rolling around with mirth.

Hopefully, those good-humoured garments inspired you to don your jokewriter's cap and design some rib-tickling T-shirts of your own. If not, well, perhaps the next 5 will - here's another batch of our favourite funny T-shirts:



WWF Pandas
(from Chargrilled)

Remember when WWE was the WWF? If so, you'll love this light-hearted reference to the company's early noughties name change.



The Element of Surprise
(from Balcony Shirts)

If you've modelled yourself on the characters from TV's The Big Bang Theory, this T-shirt will suit you perfectly. Ya big nerd.


Accept Cookies?
(from Truffle Shuffle)

Sick of being asked to accept cookies every time you visit a new website? This Sesame Street-themed tee puts a fresh spin on an old message.


Bear Grills
(from 8 Ball)

How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears? We're not sure, but we bet he'd wear this self-referential top while he did it.


In Alcohol's Defence
(from Lush T-Shirts)

Alcohol is often blamed for the stupid things people do, but as this T-shirt points out, it's not always Captain Morgan's fault - sometimes, it's our own!


Fancy printing some funny T-shirts of your own? Click here to choose a style and upload your own design now!

As a custom clothing company, we receive a lot of cool and unusual designs from customers who want their artwork on a T-shirt (or a polo shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jogging get the idea). We can't share these submissions with you, but what we can show you is a few of our favourite funny T-shirt designs from around the internet. And, hey, if you've got something funny that you want to put on a shirt of your own, our Printed T-Shirt service is always available to you!


Bang Out of Order

(from Zazzle)

We love a good pun, especially when it's printed on a T-shirt!


You Read My T-Shirt

(from ThinkGeek)

The perfect piece of clothing for introverts and shy people everywhere.


My Name is Inigo Montoya 


You probably won't get this one unless you've seen The Princess Bride. That name tag reads: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."



Can't Someone Else Just Do It?

(found on eBay)

Classic Homer Simpsons quote + iconic advertising slogan = instant awesomeness!


I'm Not Short, I'm Fun-Size!

(from Real Slick Tees)

This bright pink number is ideal for people who are sick of being called 'short'. Size isn't everything!

Think you can do better than these five? Want to create a customised T-shirt of your own? Click here.