Embroidered beanies

Autumn is here, which means that the temperature will be dropping and we'll all be bundled up in our warmest clothes before you know it. Of course, no autumn/winter wardrobe is complete without a couple of beanies - woolly hats are the ultimate winter warmers, and they're always in fashion around this time of year!

And no beanie looks better than one you design yourself. Here at My Printed Clothing, we specialise in embroidered beanies (in fact, they're our number one seller!), so if you want to add your own logo or artwork to a nice, warm woolly hat, ours is the website to visit!

Here's how to order your embroidered beanies from My Printed Clothing:

  • Go to our Beanies department and browse the different beanie styles we offer.

  • Once you've found a product you like the look of, select a colour and choose either Buy Plain (if you want to buy your beanie as-is) or Add Branding (if you want to add your own design).


Purchasing embroidered beanies


  • If you selected Buy Plain, simply enter your desired quantity and head to the checkout to pay. If you clicked Add Branding, you'll need to tell us where you want your design to be added (e.g. the front of the hat, or its right-hand side). Then, upload your image file, enter any custom text, and leave some instructions for our garment embroidery team if necessary.

  • Before we make your beanie(s), we'll email you a proof of your artwork to make sure you're happy with how everything looks. If there are any problems with your proof, just let us know - we want to make sure that your embroidered beanies look just as you imagined!

Our custom embroidered beanies are great for sports clubs who train in cold weather, as well as any outdoor corporate events you might be sending your staff to this autumn. They're also perfect for personal use - everyone looks good in a beanie!

Click here to start designing your own custom beanies >>

Joggers for kids

Comfortable and hard-wearing, jogging bottoms may well be the ultimate choice of legwear for young children. A good pair of joggers will hold up for years, which is no mean feat considering how active kids can be!

If you need joggers for your kids, My Printed Clothing have a huge range for you to choose from. Our Children's Joggers department is home to a variety of different jogging bottoms, from warm cuffed joggers (ideal for relaxing in winter!) to these significantly sportier Kooga track pants:

Kooga track pants

Kids can be very picky about the clothes they wear - they have to look good, but even more crucially, they have to be comfy. Jogging bottoms allow your kids to play freely, and since they're so durable, you don't have to worry about the fabric getting worn out or torn.

Customising our joggers

This wouldn't be My Printed Clothing if you couldn't customise the clothes you bought, and if you want to add your own design to your children's joggers...well, you can! This is particularly ideal for junior sports clubs, who may want to give team members comfortable jogging bottoms to train in; our straightforward customisation process allows these customers to get the club logo or emblem embroidered on every pair of joggers without any hassle whatsoever.

Click here to see our full collection of joggers for kids.

Branded shirts

Did you know that you can set up your own Customer Shop with My Printed Clothing? This allows you to save your designs on our website and re-order your customised garments at the click of a mouse in future.

Designer Websites Ltd are one company who set up their own MPC Customer Shop, and they're a great example of what this can do for a business. Designer Websites' shop contains several items (including a black button-up shirt and an assortment of coloured polo shirts), and all of these garments are branded with the Designer Websites logo.

Here, for example, is Designer Websites' branded black polo shirt, worn with pride by the company's employees:

So, what advantages do Designer Websites gain from having their own Customer Shop on our website? It's quite simple: if the company owners ever need to order more branded shirts for any reason (if new staff members join the team, for example), they don't have to bother finding the right product and uploading their logo all over again. Instead, they can just click through from the MPC homepage to their personal Customer Shop, enter the quantities they need, and head for the checkout. Handy, no?

Click here to take a look at Designer Websites' Customer Shop, or contact My Printed Clothing to set up a Shop page of your own.

Creating customised clothing with My Printed Clothing couldn't be easier! Here's a quick step-by-step guide to ordering your own unique, professional-standard garments from our website:

  • Step 1: Select your garment(s). The first thing to do, of course, is browse the MPC website to find the item that you'd like to personalise. Once you've found the right polo shirt, hat, jumper, or whatever else you'd like to customise, give it a click, and you should be taken to a page that looks like this:


Select colour


  • Step 2: Choose a colour. Many of our products are available in several different colours, so you'll have to decide which one you want before going any further. Once you've specified a colour, you can either click 'Buy Plain' (to purchase your chosen item without any additional branding) or 'Add Branding' (to personlise the garment with your own design). Assuming you take the latter option, you should see something like this:


Enter quantity


  • Step 3: Enter your quantities. At this point, you'll need to tell us how many items you need. If multiple sizes are available, you'll be able to specify a quanitity for each one (e.g. you can order 10 smalls, 10 mediums, and 20 larges).

  • Step 4: Select your branding. Most of our items can be branded in different areas - for example, a polo shirt can be branded on either arm, the breast, the front, or the back. When you click 'Add Branding', you'll be presented with this:

Personalising garments


  • Step 5: Add your customisation. Time for the fun part! You should now be looking at our customisation tool, which allows you to specify custom text and tell us whether you'd prefer your garments to be printed or embroidered. You can also upload your own artwork, select a size for your design (small, medium, or large), and give us additional instructions to make sure that we get your garments right.

  • Step 6: Complete your purchase! Once you're happy with the information you've entered, click 'Add to Basket' and proceed to our checkout page. Once you've submitted your order, you'll be contacted by a member of the My Printed Clothing team; they'll supply you with a proof of your artwork, just to make sure that everything's perfect before we print/embroider your garments. All you'll have to do then is confirm that you're happy to proceed, then put your feet up and leave the rest to us!

If you've got a big business event on the horizon - perhaps you're going to a trade show, or meeting with a big new client - then our embroidered polo shirts will help you to ensure that you and your employees look as professional as possible. Our top-quality shirts can be branded with your company logo, giving your business an air of professionalism whilst helping to strengthen people's awareness of your brand.

Polo shirts

Here at My Printed Clothing, we employ a team of expert garment makers who are extremely well-versed in the art of embroidery. Your logo will look absolutely perfect on the shirts you purchase, and our wide range of styles and colours will help you to get the look exactly right.

Our easy-to-use website makes it exceptionally simple to personalise your polo shirts. Simply click here to visit our Polo Shirt department, use our uploader tool to add your own artwork, and then complete your order with our secure checkout system. If you get stuck, give  us a call on 0845 850 9836.