Custom trucker hats

Summer is on its way, and if you want to stay stylish and sunburn-free as the weather gets warmer, we've got the perfect solution: caps!

We sell a great selection of headwear here at My Printed Clothing; whether you want a trucker hat, a baseball cap, or something else again, we can help. Better still, our state-of-the-art printing and embroidery techniques allow us to customise your caps with any design you choose! You may want your company logo embroidered on the front of a baseball cap, or your Sunday team's emblem printed on a trucker hat...regardless of what you want, we will not let you down!

Caps are great for this time of year. Not only do they look good, they keep the sun out of your eyes AND they help to protect you from sunburn. To see our full range of customisable caps and hats, click here.

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