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We've got dozens of different styles to choose from!

Beechfield Beanies

Beanie hats come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and styles. With the nights drawing in and the temperature on its way down, now seems like a good time to take a quick look at some of the different beanie designs available here at My Printed Clothing - they're all made by Beechfield, Europe's leading headwear brand, and they all look fabulously fashionable on any head. Which one will you be wearing this winter?

Beechfield Original Cuffed Beanie.

Cuffed Beanie

The original and best, with a warm double-layer knit and a cool cuffed design.

Beechfield Original Pull-On Beanie

Pull-On Beanie

Ideal for a slightly more minimal look, our pull-on beanies are designed to be easy to put on and take off. Also available in a two-tone design.

Beechfield Chunky Knit Beanie

Chunky Knit Beanie

Love the knitted look? If so, this chunky beanie design will suit you right down to the ground!

Beechfield Slouch Beanie

Slouch Beanie

A cool choice for fans of the laid-back 'slacker' look.

Beechfield Snowstar Duo Beanie

Snowstar Beanie

This design puts a cool, contemporay spin on the traditional bobble hat look. Also available in a two-tone design.

Beechfield Printer's Beanie

Printer's Beanie

If you want to display your team or company logo on your hat (which, remember, is an option available with all of the beanies listed here), this Printer's Beanie will ensure that your branding is front and centre!

Beechfield Peaked Beanie

Peaked Beanie

Finally, we have this peaked beanie, which combines the warmth of a beanie with the shade and style of a baseball cap. A truly unique choice!

There are loads of other Beechfield beanies to choose from here at My Printed Clothing - visit our Beanies page to view the full range!

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Embroidered beanies

Autumn is here, which means that the temperature will be dropping and we'll all be bundled up in our warmest clothes before you know it. Of course, no autumn/winter wardrobe is complete without a couple of beanies - woolly hats are the ultimate winter warmers, and they're always in fashion around this time of year!

And no beanie looks better than one you design yourself. Here at My Printed Clothing, we specialise in embroidered beanies (in fact, they're our number one seller!), so if you want to add your own logo or artwork to a nice, warm woolly hat, ours is the website to visit!

Here's how to order your embroidered beanies from My Printed Clothing:

  • Go to our Beanies department and browse the different beanie styles we offer.

  • Once you've found a product you like the look of, select a colour and choose either Buy Plain (if you want to buy your beanie as-is) or Add Branding (if you want to add your own design).


Purchasing embroidered beanies


  • If you selected Buy Plain, simply enter your desired quantity and head to the checkout to pay. If you clicked Add Branding, you'll need to tell us where you want your design to be added (e.g. the front of the hat, or its right-hand side). Then, upload your image file, enter any custom text, and leave some instructions for our garment embroidery team if necessary.

  • Before we make your beanie(s), we'll email you a proof of your artwork to make sure you're happy with how everything looks. If there are any problems with your proof, just let us know - we want to make sure that your embroidered beanies look just as you imagined!

Our custom embroidered beanies are great for sports clubs who train in cold weather, as well as any outdoor corporate events you might be sending your staff to this autumn. They're also perfect for personal use - everyone looks good in a beanie!

Click here to start designing your own custom beanies >>