Personalised Towels

We get many, many requests for personalised towels here at My Printed Clothing. Here are some examples of the people we hear from:

  • Hotel owners (and others from within the hospitality industry) who wish to put their logos on high-quality bath towels
  • Sports clubs - particularly swimming teams -who want towels with the club emblem on them
  • Corporate customers looking for a unique free gift for potential clients (including their company's branding, of course!)

Of course, we also receive enquiries from individuals who simply want high-quality embroidered towels for their own bathrooms. And that's fine too - regardless of your requirements, or the design you wish to see on your towels, we can accommodate you!

Our Embroidered Towels - Specifications:

  • Various products available (including tea towels, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, etc.)
  • Sourced from leading suppliers, such as Towel City and Westford Mill
  • Buy blank or branded
  • Prices start at just £1.03 per towel
  • Assorted colours to choose from
  • Your design will be embroidered onto your towels by our expert decorators

Click here to see our full range of personalised towel options.

As a custom clothing company, we receive a lot of cool and unusual designs from customers who want their artwork on a T-shirt (or a polo shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jogging get the idea). We can't share these submissions with you, but what we can show you is a few of our favourite funny T-shirt designs from around the internet. And, hey, if you've got something funny that you want to put on a shirt of your own, our Printed T-Shirt service is always available to you!


Bang Out of Order

(from Zazzle)

We love a good pun, especially when it's printed on a T-shirt!


You Read My T-Shirt

(from ThinkGeek)

The perfect piece of clothing for introverts and shy people everywhere.


My Name is Inigo Montoya 


You probably won't get this one unless you've seen The Princess Bride. That name tag reads: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."



Can't Someone Else Just Do It?

(found on eBay)

Classic Homer Simpsons quote + iconic advertising slogan = instant awesomeness!


I'm Not Short, I'm Fun-Size!

(from Real Slick Tees)

This bright pink number is ideal for people who are sick of being called 'short'. Size isn't everything!

Think you can do better than these five? Want to create a customised T-shirt of your own? Click here.

Branded shirts

Did you know that you can set up your own Customer Shop with My Printed Clothing? This allows you to save your designs on our website and re-order your customised garments at the click of a mouse in future.

Designer Websites Ltd are one company who set up their own MPC Customer Shop, and they're a great example of what this can do for a business. Designer Websites' shop contains several items (including a black button-up shirt and an assortment of coloured polo shirts), and all of these garments are branded with the Designer Websites logo.

Here, for example, is Designer Websites' branded black polo shirt, worn with pride by the company's employees:

So, what advantages do Designer Websites gain from having their own Customer Shop on our website? It's quite simple: if the company owners ever need to order more branded shirts for any reason (if new staff members join the team, for example), they don't have to bother finding the right product and uploading their logo all over again. Instead, they can just click through from the MPC homepage to their personal Customer Shop, enter the quantities they need, and head for the checkout. Handy, no?

Click here to take a look at Designer Websites' Customer Shop, or contact My Printed Clothing to set up a Shop page of your own.

Custom training clothes

What's your sport? Football? Tennis? Something else entirely?

No matter what sports you play, My Printed Clothing's range of training clothes will surely meet your needs. Utilised by athletes throughout the UK and beyond, our sportswear is of the very highest quality, and the breadth of our range is practically unmatched. We offer football bibs, running shorts, netball skirts, jogging bottoms, breathable polo shirts, waterproof tracksuits, and all kinds of other sporty garments for you and your team to wear with pride.

Customise your training clothes

Of course, if you're ordering from My Printed Clothing, you're probably not just doing it for the quality of our products - you're doing it because you want to add a custom design to your training wear. The good news is that this couldn't be simpler! All of our training clothes can be personalised with your own artwork; simply select the required product(s) from our Training section, select a location for your custom artwork (e.g. sleeve, breast, back), and upload your design along with some instructions for our garment creation team. Easy peasy!

Here are some common uses for our customised training clothes:

  • Football teams can have the club emblem embroidered on the breast of the players' training tops
  • Player names and/or numbers can be printed on the back of shirts
  • Sport clubs can offer branded training tops to members

If you need more information about our custom sportswear range, give us a call on 0845 850 9836 or email for a quick response from our team.