Last month, we shared 5 of the funniest printed T-shirts we've seen on the internet. This list included such classics as I'm Not Short, I'm Fun-Size! and ANBG - That's Bang Out Of Order, and we're sure they had you rolling around with mirth.

Hopefully, those good-humoured garments inspired you to don your jokewriter's cap and design some rib-tickling T-shirts of your own. If not, well, perhaps the next 5 will - here's another batch of our favourite funny T-shirts:



WWF Pandas
(from Chargrilled)

Remember when WWE was the WWF? If so, you'll love this light-hearted reference to the company's early noughties name change.



The Element of Surprise
(from Balcony Shirts)

If you've modelled yourself on the characters from TV's The Big Bang Theory, this T-shirt will suit you perfectly. Ya big nerd.


Accept Cookies?
(from Truffle Shuffle)

Sick of being asked to accept cookies every time you visit a new website? This Sesame Street-themed tee puts a fresh spin on an old message.


Bear Grills
(from 8 Ball)

How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears? We're not sure, but we bet he'd wear this self-referential top while he did it.


In Alcohol's Defence
(from Lush T-Shirts)

Alcohol is often blamed for the stupid things people do, but as this T-shirt points out, it's not always Captain Morgan's fault - sometimes, it's our own!


Fancy printing some funny T-shirts of your own? Click here to choose a style and upload your own design now!