Printed Hoodies

Winter is coming. As you reach to the back of your wardrobe and pull out your favourite warm clothes, no doubt there is going to be one item of clothing that is present in everyone’s wardrobe: the hoodie.

Over the years, the hoodie has become a staple of UK fashion, and it’s easy to see why. The UK is renowned for having REALLY BAD weather, so we needed a item of clothing that can double up as a coat on those chilly summer nights, protect us from the rain in those April showers, and keep us warm in the winter, all while making us looking great. 

Here in Britain, we have welcomed the hoodie into pretty much every activity we do. Printed and personalised hoodies are really popular and there is a printed hoodie for pretty much every occasion:

Teams - Creating a printed hoodie for your sports team is a great way of creating that "team spirit". You can have team member names on the back, as well as the team name and team logo. 

Trips - Are you planning a school or youth club trip? Why not get a hoodie printed to commemorate the occasion?

Leaving School - We have all seen people with leavers' hoodies on. These are, quite simply, hoodies with all the names of one's class mates printed on the back. They are commonly seen modelled by school/6th form leavers, but with our range of children’s hoodies, there is no reason why you cannot print these for primary children too. Not only do they look great, they mean something to the children. 

Charity Events - Are you planning on raising money for a charity? Why not get hoodies printed for everyone participating? We have a great range of hoodies that will help you stay warm and spread the word about your amazing event.

Unique Print - Have you thought of a witty slogan or designed some awesome artwork that you want printed onto a hoodie? Then send us a copy and we will print it directly onto one of our high quality hoodies - we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results.  

If you have an occasion that demands a printed hoodie or just a super-awesome design that you want to share with the world, simply select the hoodie you want from our large range of hoodies for men, women, and children (we also have unisex hoodies). Then, decide what colour and size you require, click 'add branding', and upload your images. It really is as simple as that. 

For more information, or for assistance with your personalised clothing order, give us a call on 0845 850 9836.